Sunday, 28 February 2016


Hey guys!

So you're probably thinking what has this post got to do with 'driving in cars with girls'? Well in all honesty the only reason why I named this post that is because of the traffic my friend and I experienced during this day.. It was bad.. We love Melbourne!

The night before I received a notification on my phone, my friend had tagged me in a post from the SOS Cafe's Instagram page. Quickly followed by a text seeing if I'd like to join her in a brunch date.

Obviously I said yes. My two favourite things, food&friends!

The verdict.

Service: Great! Friendly staff and minimal waiting time.
Food: Delicious. 
Coffee: Smooth, rich, and perfectly tamped.
Atmosphere/Vibe: Aesthetically pleasing, relaxed yet sophisticated vibes.

Overall A+ 
Well done SOS Cafe!

Highly recommend giving them a visit if you're ever in the South Yarra side of town!

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